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I am a passionate wedding pianist with 8 years of public performance experience and am a proud supporter of the LBGT community! Please check out my website ( You can listen to some demos on my site as well as learn more about my professional experience there.

I am currently located in Houston, TX but am open to travelling. 

Our wedding business is currently expanding our services to include professional wedding photography. As an effort to build up a strong portfolio and gather a stable client base as well as spreading the word, we are currently providing wedding photography packages to a few couples for free. We also do pre-engagement/pre-wedding photos at no cost to allow clients to see our style of photography, and there's no obligation to work with us if you decide to go with another photographer after the pre-engagement/pre-wedding photo shoots. 

If you already have a wedding photographer you've committed to, we're happy to be a second photographer at your wedding at no cost. It's your big day, you can never have too many wedding photos. :) We're just looking to expand and work with a fantastic community. Please contact me if interested. Thanks!

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