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4 Items That Need to Be on Your Wedding Registry

With the hustle and hurry of wedding plans, sometimes couples don't take enough time to thoughtfully consider must-have items for their registry lists. Department stores offer so many luxury and novelty items for the home that the essentials can sometimes be overlooked.


Bath and kitchen towels are registry staples. They are also items that are used daily and become worn out and dingy in a relatively short time. Find a set or two that you love and register for several. Keep some extras in storage to replace the worn-out, grungy ones in a few months. You'll need more extras for the kitchen than the bathroom. And, in the event of unexpected guests, you'll have some fresh bath towels to provide.

Shower Curtains

If your new home needs a shower curtain, register for two-- one to hang now and one to have in reserve or to change things up. Choose curtains in patterns and colors that compliment your decor so the whole bathroom doesn't need to be redone when you put it up. It's also wise to register for a few throw-away liners to get you started. And don't forget the curtain rings to match!


Couples often register with entertaining in mind. But, let's face it, not every day is a party. Choose a set of everyday dinnerware and flatware that is casual enough for daily use. Four to six place settings is usually enough for a starter set, enough to use and some to be dirty in the dishwasher! Fine crystal and china are ideal for elegant occasions, but you may want to register for some sturdy glassware in a price range that won't make you cringe if a piece is broken.

Vacuum Cleaner

Some couples feel putting a vacuum cleaner on a registry is unromantic or too expensive. However, it can be the most practical thing you can sign up for. No doubt the floors in your new home will need a good cleaning sooner rather than later and having this item on hand already will cut down a trip to the store later and potentially save you several hundred dollars. It also gives an opportunity for your guests to pitch in and buy a bigger item as a gift from a group.

When it comes time to shop for your registry list, remember the basics and start your new home off well-prepared for life's journeys.

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