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A&E Reality Show "Inlaws" Casting Call for Married LGBT Couple



$$$ Offered!!!


New documentary-style TV show NEEDS YOU! This brand new series will be looking at relationships between married couples and their in-laws! 

Do you and your in-laws have different ways of doing things that can sometimes be frustrating? Do your in-laws old-fashioned values differ from your modern lifestyle?  Does the statement, “When mom says no, ask grandma” ring true in your family?  Do your in-laws do strange things that get on your nerves? Do you wish your mother-in-law wouldn’t baby your husband so much when she is around because when she leaves he won’t do anything around the house?

If you love your in-laws but want to learn to adapt to each other’s way of life, this is the show for you! 




To learn more, obtain an application or nominate a family, please email your story, contact information and family photo to

212-564-2607 ext. 2395


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Comment by Elizabeth Turk on June 11, 2014 at 8:46am

As a California Wedding Officiant who fully supports marriage for all couples in love, I'd love to be part of this show!!!!  My couples here are just delicious! and California and I recognize all couples in love!!!!

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