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Wedding Jubilee - Planning for Your Special Day

When your partner proposes, you'll immediately start thinking about the wedding of your dreams. The two of you will need to start discussing your plans to marry almost as soon as the ring is on your fiancé’s finger.

Start a Wedding Binder

It's like a mood board for your wedding. Pick up magazines like bridal, lifestyle, fashion and food to inspire your choices. You could also create an online portfolio on Pinterest to coincide with the wedding binder. It'll help solidify the type of wedding you'd like to have. Even if you haven't set a date yet, it's a great time to start discussing ideas of your vision to see how it coincides with your partner's vision of the perfect wedding.

Determine Your Budget

While it's easy to become influenced by what you think other people want for your big day, stay true to the vision you have for your own wedding.  Some companies, like Noah’s Event Venues, realize that every couple has their own style, budget, and vision. This is a day for you and your partner, not the rest of your family. Based on your vision board or wedding binder, you'll have to decide what you can afford, and what isn't reasonable to expect. While you might want a large wedding with 300 guests, that might not be possible within your budget.

Research Vendors and Venues

You'll have dozens of vendors and venues to contact to get the best quotes on food, photographers, florists and caterers. Ask for written quotes that you can add to your wedding binder. This will help you stay organized. You'll know exactly which vendor offered the best price for your big day. Even though you have a budget, make sure you're choosing a vendor like the photographer based on recommendations as well as their style, which should closely match what you'd like for your wedding day. Reserve your venue and hire the vendors as early as possible.

Wedding Clothing

You and your fiancé will have to find the perfect outfit for your special day. Whether it's a casual affair or one that sparkles like a tiara, the clothing for the couple should be purchased months before the big day. You may decide to let the other individuals who are participating purchase their own clothing with little input from you. If you give them a color scheme, it'll take a lot of stress off your shoulders to let them choose their own clothes.

Discuss your budget together and decide what kind of wedding you'd like to have. Make sure your ideas of the right kind of wedding match before you start making big plans. Everyone has their own style, and the two of you should try to compromise and mesh your styles together on your special day.

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