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Today is Travel Tuesday on Twitter, otherwise known as #travelTuesday.

In this blog I wanted to address the price of airline tickets. As a Hawaiian travel agent for Travel to Maui I get asked this question all the time. "Why is airfare so expensive?"


There are many things that factor in when pricing your airline ticket.

For example:


  1. High season and low season
  2. Which day of the week you are traveling.

On our Travel to Maui website FAQ page we address these questions and more.


What else will make your airline ticket price jump? 

  • The price of fuel (as the cost of fuel goes up so does the price of your airline ticket)
  • Supply and demand (holidays, or peak travel dates will make the ticket prices more expensive)
  • Departure city (often times the cities with the most competition will have the best rates, but not always)
  • How full is the flight when you make your reservation? Is the lowest fares already gone? They seldom come back. Even if there was a sale if your flight is full you won’t be able to cash in on the sale!
  • Are you purchasing a refundable or nonrefundable ticket? Most airline and online travel websites push the nonrefundable ticket. Here at Travel to Maui we offer a cancel waiver to cover your travel package. This policy gives you piece of mind especially when you are booking months in advance. That way you can secure the lowest prices on your airplane ticket and travel package and still be rest assured “just in case of an emergency.”


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Written by Marie Glodt travel agent at Travel to Maui. Certified destination specialist by the Hawaii and Tahiti Visitor Bureaus.



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